Cost-Effective Professional Support to the Organics Recycling Industry

Consulting Overview

If you're in the organics recycling business (or are interested in getting into the business), either as a public agency, a private company, or as a farm based operation, you know that sometimes you need some outside technical assistance. When you need a professional technical and managerial contractor, Coker Composting & Consulting (CC& C) can help. I have more than 30 years experience in planning, designing, building and running organics recycling facilities (composting and/or digestion). I can provide short-term or long-term professional support to shorten your "to-do" lists, or to help with longer-range projects like permitting new sites and facilities.

Consulting Cost

I understand that cost control is critical. It's hard to justify hiring an outside consultant for $150 - $175/hour when you're making a product that sells for $20 - $30/CY. I charge reasonable hourly fees and charge only for those expenses directly attributable to your project, such as travel, project supplies (like laboratory analysis fees) and subcontractors (if needed). CC&C offers extensive professional support for less cost than most consultants. One of my goals is to work with you to ensure that your scope of work is clearly defined and that my support is always cost-effective and affordable.

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Working together

I am happy to work with you to define a scope of services at no charge, except for travel expenses reimbursement if required. Once a scope of work is finalized, I will provide a written proposal detailing the scope, the schedule and the cost. If the scope is sufficiently well-defined, I will do the work on a fixed-price basis; otherwise, it would be on a time-and-materials, not-to-exceed basis. Once you have accepted my proposal, I will offer a Professional Services Agreement for our mutual signature. No charges accrue until an Agreement is signed by both of us. Some clients choose to enter into retainer agreements, whereby they get a fixed number of annual hours to apply to any scope of work desired. Projects are invoiced monthly, based on either percentage of work completed (fixed-price contracts), actual labor and expenses incurred (T&M, NTE contracts) or as a monthly retainer payment (annual cost of hours purchased spread into twelve level monthly payments). All invoices are accompanied by detailed project status reports so you are always aware of the status of the project.

Our Founding

CC&C was founded in 2005 to give composters and others access to qualified professional consultant assistance. My company can handle a wide variety of specialized projects for the composting industry, from site evaluations to compost manufacturing plans to operator training. I have associates with specific areas of expertise I can bring to your project on an as-needed basis, including marketing specialists, engineering disciplines, and industry-experienced attorneys.

Click on the Services Offered page to see the whole range of available cost-effective support services. I am extremely grateful to the many clients who have trusted CC&C to provide top-quality professional support and I invite you to review my Previous Projects section for a description of my recent work and to contact my References for further information.  My Virginia SWaM number is 703828 and my DUNS number is 784240249

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