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Mr. Coker has over 38 years’ experience in the planning, permitting, design, construction and operation of organics recycling facilities processing animal manures, animal mortalities, food wastes, biosolids, yard trimmings and source-separated organic solid wastes, as well as in the marketing and sales of compost and compost-amended horticultural products. Mr. Coker has training as both an engineer and a scientist and has experience with both composting and anaerobic digestion.  Mr. Coker is a licensed Virginia Waste Management Facility Operator, a certified Virginia Nutrient Management Planner and a USCC/SWANA Certified Compost Systems Manager.  Mr. Coker is also a Contributing Editor to BioCycle magazine.  His resume can be reviewed here. Mr. Coker’s recent project experience includes:

Business & Facility Planning, Permitting & Design – Renewable Energy

*Environmental Law Institute, Washington, D.C. - evaluation of business cases for co-digestion of various feedstocks with sewage sludges at water resources recovery facilities (2017-2018)

* Private company, Cincinnati, OH - technical support in development of merchant anaerobic digestion facility (2017)

* Private company, North Carolina - technology evaluation for producing 5 MW power from animal wastes (2017)

* U.S.D.A. Renewable Energy Assistance Program, Washington, D.C. - Review of grant applications based on anaerobic digestion (2016)

* Abt Environmental Services, Washington, D.C. - Preparation of EPA AgStar Handbook, 3rd Edition (2016)

* Alachua County Solid Waste, Gainesville, FL - Evaluation of AD and gasification options for organics residual from mixed waste MRF (2014)

* ecomaine Solid Waste Authority, Portland, ME - Evaluation of anaerobic digestion options for source-separated organics (2012-2013)

 * Kenai Peninsula Borough, AK - Evaluation of anaerobic digestion options for source-separated organics (2012-2013)

* Charles Stewart Mott Foundation (Flint, MI) – plan review of biosolids digestate land application project (2012)

* Private company, Connecticut – evaluation of digestate composting options (2012t)

* Private company, Nevada – design of digestate composting system on Caribbean island (2012)
* Private company, Florida – design and implementation of biodrying pilot test for greenwaste gasification plant (2011)
* Private company, New Jersey - assistance in business plan development for food scraps and yard trimmings HSAD project; development of Potential-to-Emit analysis for air permit (2010 - 2012)
* Private company, New York – assistance in business plan development and implementation for food scraps plus greenwaste digestion and composting using HSAD technology (2009 – 2011)
* Private company, Minnesota – design of 35,000 ton/year organics digestion facility (2012-present), technology evaluation for 60,000 ton/year anaerobic digestion project (2009), technology evaluation of twelve composting and four digestion (aerobic and anaerobic) alternatives for 1,200 – 10,000 ton/year of source-separated organic solid waste (2007)

Feasibility Studies, Business & Facility Planning, & Permitting - Organics Recycling

*Region 2000 Services Authority, Lynchburg VA - evaluation of organics recycling options for Yr 2030 Solid Waste Management Plan (2017)

*Private Company, San Francisco, CA - design of biological degradation model for new proposed composting facility (2017)

*Private Equity Company, Boston, MA - financial and technical evaluation of acquisition target (2017)

*Private Equity Company, San Francisco, CA - financial and technical evaluation of acquisition target (2016)

*Remington Mulch Company, Mitchells, VA - permitting support for 7500 ton/yr leaf composting facility (2017)

*Zgharta Region, Lebanon - solid waste management plan for recyclables and organics (2017)

*Jezzine & Chouf Regions, Lebanon - planning and design of source-separated recyclables and organics processing facilities (2016-2017)

*Smithtown, NY - evaluation of local permitting requirements for indoor organic waste processing facilities (2016)

*Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, VA - feasibility study of on-campus vs off-campus composting (2015)

*North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC - feasibility study of on-campus composting facility (2015); design of ASP composting facility (2017)

*Bison Compost, Leeds, ND - preparation of a business plan for a manure composting facility (2015)

* City of Rolla, MO - feasibility study for recycling commercial and residential food scraps by collection and composting (2014)
* Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization (Cleveland, OH) - feasibility study of food scraps and yard trimmings commercial composting facility (2013)
* ecomaine (Portland, ME) – organics recycling feasibility study of 47-county solid waste authority handling 200,000 tons/yr of MSW (2013)
* Kenai Peninsula Borough (Kenai, AK) – composting feasibility study for source-separated organic feedstocks (2012)
* Carolina Compost (Camden, NC) – expansion planning technical and business support (2012)
* Private industry (Tennessee)  – evaluation of technology options for on-site composting of cafeteria pre- and post-consumer food scraps (2012)
* Private company, California - business plan support for food scraps collection endeavor (2010 - present)
* Black Bear Composting (Charlottesville, VA) - permitting support for planned food scraps composting facility (2010-present)
* North Carolina Zoological Society (Asheboro, NC) – permitting support for manure compost facility storm water runoff management (2009)
* City of Edmond, OK – feasibility study and facility plan for biosolids, greenwaste and source-separated organic matter composting facility (2009-2010)
* Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Washington, D.C. - co-author, "State of Composting in the U.S." (2014); evaluation of impacts of adding food waste to municipal yard trimmings composter (2011); technical support to outreach program aimed at food scraps diversion to on-farm composting (2009-2010); evaluation of SSOW composting options (waste processing and product markets) for San Juan Municipio, Puerto Rico (2008); preparation of planning-level cost estimate for construction and operation of 12,500 ton/year open-air turned windrow leaf composting facility (2007)
* Royal Oak Farm, LLC (Lynchburg, VA) – successful permitting of a Solid Waste Composting Facility in Virginia with capacity of 148,000 tons/year of industrial & commercial residuals; storm water permitting and preparation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (2006)
* McGill-Leprechaun (Waverly, VA) – successful permitting of a 130,000 tons/year biosolids composting facility; completion & acceptance of Potential-to-Emit for Air Quality Permitting (2006)

Organics Recycling Facility Design, Construction & Operations

*University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA - optimization analysis of food wastes collection and diversion (2017)

*Sullivan Hanoverians Farm, Walkertown, NC - design of ASP composting facility for 30-horse farm (2017)

*Tripoli, Lebanon - Value Engineering study of proposed 400 ton/day mixed-waste materials recovery facility (2017)

*Jezzine & Chouf regions, Lebanon - design of three new SSO composting facilities (2016-2017)

*Town of Waxhaw, NC - design of new leaf composting facility (2016)

*Kazi Farms, Dhaka, Bangladesh - design of composting facilities for poultry hatchery wastes (2016)

*Private Company, Jeffersonville, IN - operability analysis of rotary-drum composting facility (2016)

*Private Company, New South Wales, Australia - peer review of Operations Plan for 40,000 ton/year food scraps and greenwaste forced aeration composting facility (2015)

*Caju Composting Facility, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - evaluation of alternative windrow turning methods and conversion to forced aeration composting at 23,400 metric ton/yr composting facility handling residuals from mixed-waste MRF (2015)

*Composting Facility, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - review of design and operations plan for 2,000 ton/year food scraps and bagasse composting facility (2015)

*Spotsylvania County VA (Livingston, VA) - process design, operations manual and permit applications for 5,000 tpy turnd-windrow yard waste composting facility (2014)
* Mecklenburg County LUESA (Charlotte, NC) - process design, operations manual for 80,000 tpy turned-windrow yard waste composting facility (2014)
* Otter River Farm (Winchendon, MA) - process, materials handling, and business management operational optimization evaluation (2013)
* City of South Bend, IN – Operational evaluation of yard trimmings composting facility (2012); program oversight for outsourcing facility operations (2012-present)
* Howard County Bureau of Environmental Services (Ellicott City, MD) – process design of 40,000 ton/year covered aerated static pile composting facility (2012-present)
* Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District, Layton, UT – operational evaluation of greenwaste composting facility; preliminary design of expansion (2011 - 2012)
* Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (Prior Lake, MN) – design of new windrow food waste and greenwaste composting facility; equipment evaluation of slow speed shredder; ongoing process control and management support (2011 – present)
* Prince William County DPW (Manassas, VA) - evaluation of adding food scraps to existing yard trimmings windrow composting operation (2011)
* Private company, New Mexico - design of manure and digestate composting facility (2011)
* Township of Haverford, PA - operations assessments and consulting for leaf composting facility (2010-2012)
* Green Duck (Richmond, VA) - assistance in planning food scraps diversion operations for the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY (2010)
* New York Botanical Garden (Bronx, NY) – evaluation of operational efficiencies at an on-site vegetative composting operation (2010)
* Blue Hen Organics, LLC (Millsboro, DE) - site layout, design and operations plan for open-air turned windrow yard waste composting facility (2008 - 2016)
* Royal Oak Farm, LLC (Lynchburg, VA) – technical support in securing tipping fee material contracts, equipment evaluations and day-to-day operations of 150,000 ton/year composting facility (2008-present); design and construction management of upgrade of existing open-air turned windrow agricultural composting operation to commercial/industrial composting facility; including pad hardening and runoff pond lining (2006-2008)
* McGill-Leprechaun (Waverly, VA) – design of new enclosed extended aerated static pile composting facility to process 130,000 tons/year; including process design, biofilter for odor control, computerized process monitoring (2005-2006)
* Mountain Organic Materials, LLC (Asheville, NC) – design, construction and operation of an 8,000 ton/year dairy manure, poultry litter and sawdust aerated bin composting operation at a 650-head dairy farm, Asheville, NC (2000-2003)
* WNC Pallet & Forest Products, Inc. (Asheville, NC) - Operations management of wood waste recycling center, Asheville, NC (2001 – 2003)
* Development and management of food waste recycling program, 1999 Special Olympics, Raleigh, NC

Compost Marketing & Sales
* City of South Bend, IN - development of compost marketing and sales plan (2014)
* Topsoiletc. (Baltimore, MD) – development of compost marketing and sales program (2012)
* Private company, New Jersey – compost market potential evaluation (2010)
* Peninsula Composting (Wilmington, DE) – support in developing compost-based bioretention soil media (2010)
* New York Botanical Garden (Bronx, NY) – development of compost usage plan for Botanical Garden, including soil amendment, mulch and compost tea (2010)
* Private company, Missouri – development of compost, mulch and soils strategic and tactical marketing plans for 500,000 CY/year of production (2009-present)
* Royal Oak Farm, LLC (Lynchburg, VA) – development and execution of marketing plan for solid waste compost and compost-based soil products (2005 - 2012)

Prior Experience:
* Organics Recycling Technical Assistance Coordinator, NC Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources (1998-2001)
* Preparation of business plan for manure-based composting and sales program for Fortune 100 company, Moline, IL (1994-1995)
* Evaluation of industrial sludge composting options for Fortune 100 company, Wilmington, DE (1995)
* Technical consultant to Citizen Advisory Committee on biosolids composting alternatives, New York City (1991-1993)
* Facility planning, permitting and design of biosolids dewatering and pelletizing facility, Elizabeth, NJ (1989-1994)
* Facility planning for biosolids composting facility, Rahway, NJ (1988)
* Planning, permitting, design and construction management of 150,000 tpy biosolids composting facility, Dickerson, MD (1981-1983)
* Solid Waste Management Plan, Baltimore County, MD (1978-1979)
* Solid Waste Management Plan, new Federal Capital City, Nigeria (1979)
* Facility planning and design for biosolids composting facility, Washington DC (1976-1981)

Licenses and Certifications
* Virginia Nutrient Management Planner Certificate No. 587 (2009)
* Virginia Class 2 Waste Management Facility Operators License No. 4605 002846 (2007)
* U.S. Composting Council/Solid Waste Association of North America, Compost Systems Manager, Certificate No. 57591 (2004)
* University of Maine, Certificate of Technical Ability in Composting (2001)
* University of Georgia, Compost Operator Training Certificate (2000)

* M.S., Civil & Environmental Engineering, George Washington University, 1980
* B.A., Environmental Science, University of Virginia, 1975