We can support any and all aspects of the challenge of developing and operating an organics recycling facility. I provide cost-effective, short- or long-term support in all areas of facility planning, permitting, design, construction and operation; as well as in compost marketing and sales. The following lists some of the services I offer: 

Permitting Issues and Requirements

Management of the requirements and processes of various State and local permitting programs for organics recycling; evaluation of issues that may arise and development of recommendations for future work to facilitate a possible permitting project. I have an extensive depth of permitting experience. I can assemble thorough permit applications for local government zoning approval and for State review in solid waste, biosolids, air emissions, storm water management, and wetlands impacts that will receive favorable treatment by regulators, government staff and elected officials. Understanding the road ahead can greatly simplify the permitting process!

Waste Markets Analyses

A thorough evaluation of the types, sources and locations of organic materials suitable for recycling, including biosolids, source-separated solid wastes, yard trimmings, agricultural wastes, and animal manures. These analyses can be done with state-of-the-art Geographic Information Systems models so you can get a clear picture of where possible waste sources are located.

Waste Audits

For a particular generator, I can conduct a detailed professional waste audit, characterizing the types, quantities and characteristics of any recyclable organic material.

Sites Surveys and Evaluations

I can conduct an exhaustive search for candidate sites for your consideration, based on likely needed acreage, suitable zoning, acceptable environmental conditions, traffic and transportation constraints, and many more critically-important factors.

Site Assessment

For any particular site, I can do a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (prepared to ASTM E-1527 standards) to be sure there are no problems with a site you may wish to purchase. I can also provide site-specific detailed evaluations of potential site development issues such as odor dispersion, wetlands delineations, soil surveys, geotechnical investigations, meteorological conditions, historic/archaeological resources and rare & endangered species.

Facility Planning

A facility plan for an organics recycling facility will include: site layout, development of a process flow and materials handling strategy, detailed quantitative and volumetric calculations of materials processing through each stage of the recycling process, site-specific environmental management requirements, and a preliminary cost estimate.


Detailed design drawings and specifications are usually needed as part of the permitting process. Working with licensed Professional Engineers in the host state, I can assemble a complete set of working drawings and specifications for your permit applications and for your contractor. My approach to design is to work with a carefully pre-selected group of vendors (approved by you) to ensure there are no conflicts between the design drawings and specifications and future shop drawing submittals, thus saving you time and money.

Equipment Evaluations

From front end loaders to windrow turners to aeration systems to screening systems, I can provide you with carefully-researched and documented evaluations of different equipment makes, models and types; covering both capital and operating costs, and including detailed interviews of existing owners. Organics recycling equipment and systems can cost a lot of money and a thorough evaluation will avoid spending decisions that may cause future regret.

Construction Management

I can serve as the Owner’s Representative during construction, ensuring that the completed project meets all design and permitting requirements. We will work closely with you, the Design Engineer and the Contractor to ensure aggressive cost control.

Start-Up and Training

I am nationally known for my skill and abilities at training people in how to operate organics recycling facilities. I can help you with equipment start-up and shakedown, with debugging and troubleshooting initial operations, and with developing a customized training program for your staff that will ensure cost-effective and efficient operations.

Product Market Assessment

With several years experience selling products made of recycled organic materials, I am qualified to assess the breadth and depth of markets for various products (composts, topsoils, potting soils, turfgrass materials, custom soil mixes, pelletized soil conditioners, fertilizers, etc.). I can help you develop the customized marketing materials you’ll need to sell product.

Public Relations

Effective public relations is often a key component of organics recycling facility success. I have extensive experience in working with the general public, local government staff and elected officials in communications about composting facility plans, designs and operations; including information documents, videos, and press releases. I have organized and supervised several Citizen Advisory Committees (CAC) to give interested persons an opportunity to understand recycling facilities at a deeper level.

Nutrient Management Plans

Nutrient enrichment of embayments is a growing problem in the U.S. I can help you manage nutrient inputs to your landscaped areas or your farm by preparing a professional Nutrient Management Plan that meets all regulatory requirements.  Plans can be based on the use of composts, compost teas, manures, biosolids, or conventional fertilizers (or a combination).  Soil sampling and analysis services are also available.